It’s hard sometimes.  But you have to stay up on managing your images, most photographers lean toward the “industry standard,” the leading brand.  For many of us, it can be costly.  I like testing out other photo editing software.

I like the price point on ACDSee Photo Manager 2009.  This is not just a photo editing software, but it also allows you to quickly view and find photos, fix flaws, and share your favorites through e-mail, prints and free online albums.

This lighthouse may be retired.  I’m not really sure. This early morning series has been fun.  I have a number of different shots and will post more later.  This was an early morning photo and there are some people getting ready to fish.

Photograph: Close up of lighthouse on pier

Photograph: Close up of lighthouse on pier

The best way to get some good photos are to get up early and know the location.  It can help when trying to capture that moment.  What would have been a picture of three arches, turned out to have more interest with the a person who passes by casually in the shot.

Photograph: Early walker

Photograph: Three arches and a passerby

This photograph is an expression.  There comes a time when we all can reach our limits.  And we have to ask ourselves some questions. When are changes needed? Can I shoot some new and interesting photos? What can be done to advance your skills?

I’m sure you’re just like me, thinking about posting some quality images for the people, and how to expand and get more exposure.  I do spend some time to see what’s in demand.

I often visit other blogs.  No joke. . .   I want to see what’s out there.  If I’ve come to your website, I might have placed it into my blog surfer or rss feeds.  Are you getting the response you want?  You may need a change.


Photograph: The Pier an awakening

So getting out early gives me time to adjust my perspective and living in the city can be hectic.  But it’s cool, because it has it’s rewards.  This is a photograph of my early morning walk.  I also took some night shots of this one.

 Photography: Early morning city view

Photography: Early morning city view

It’s always a challenging to find the right approach to  adding new photos and bring content to document my work to the fullest.  In a way it’s about getting out there early.  But the glass is half empty, or half full. . .  It all depends at times.  It takes mornings of freeing my mind and taking some time to refocus for clarity.

Photography: Walk in the early morn

Photography: Early morning hill and trees

The close up and cropped tight.  The more shots the better.  Abstract photography is a great way to sharpen ones creativity.  It allows for more expression.  I have a lot of fun creating and developing themes for my work.  I want to stay sharp.

Photograph ten:

Photograph ten: The street light, look from window.